Rolex accounts for over 50% sales

A statement by The Watches of Switzerland Group’s chief executive Brian Duffy today revealed that 52% of group sales this year are just from Rolex. In its newest quarterly financial report, group sales rose by 7% in the UK and 32.3% in the United States in the 13 weeks to January 26, adding up to worldwide revenue of £258 million for the Christmas and New Year trading quarter, up 13.4% at constant currency.
Like-for-like, same-store growth was 9% in the United States and over 32% in total; evidence that new stores are adding significantly to American sales.
The UK accounts for 71% of sales, the United States 29% for the group, which went public on the London Stock Exchange in May last year.
Rolex already plays such a dominant role for the group but it would be selling even more if the brand could increase its supply, Mr. Duffy says. The same would be true for Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe.
However, although demand for Rolex watches precedes supply, the company stated in its financial documents that it has clearly expressed its ambition to expand the base of successful watch brands.